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2011 update to the ITIL core publications

The ITIL 2011 edition improved clarity and consistency across the lifecycle suite. Many of these were driven from concepts in Service Strategy.
The Service Strategy publication was updated to explain the concepts and processes in the clearest, most concise and accessible way possible. The processes within ITIL Service Strategy have been clearly named as processes and defined using a standard template.
Some content was reorganized to improve flow, readability and alignment across the lifecycle suite. There is more consistency around interfaces, inputs and outputs across the service lifecycle and cross references that aid navigation.
There is a similar standard chapter structure across the suite to improve consistency and aid navigation. For example there is generic content in Chapters 1, 2 and 6. Having a common Chapter 2 that covers service management as a practice helps with consistency.
Terminology was also clarified and is consistent across the suite and the ITIL glossary.

Benefits of the 2011 changes to the ITIL core publications

The updated processes, corrections and consistency updates help to convey the core concepts and best practices in a clear and concise manner. The feedback from the Review Group confirmed that the books are more accessible and understandable to all.
Service Strategy and core concepts that are used through the lifecycle suite are easier to navigate, read, translate and teach.

How were the ITIL core concepts and principles retained?

The improvements were made in response to: issues raised through the change control log; advice from the change advisory board and feedback from the training community.
The ITIL authoring team was involved in deciding the best approach to clarifying key concepts. This helped to cascade points of clarification throughout the ITIL lifecycle suite.
Any significant issues raised by the authoring team were escalated to the Project Board for assessment. The Project Board, included Sharon Taylor as the Technical Advisor. The Review Group checked that the improvements clarified the ITIL core concepts, rather than changing them.

Emerging trends

Since 2007 when the ITIL lifecycle suite was published there have been global, economic and technology changes that impact service management.
In 2007, ITIL recognised the emerging trends towards governance of IT, risk management, standardization, globalisation, sustainability and different sourcing strategies. The ITIL update incorporates updates in these areas, often with examples.
The “cloud” is an emerging trend that an organization needs to consider in its business and IT strategies. The ITIL update includes support for cloud computing.
There are also new and updated best practices and international standards related to service management reflected in the ITIL update such as the international standards for governance of IT and service management. This is useful for organizations that use ISO/IEC 20000 to certify their Service Management System and adoption of ITIL best practices.

Will the 2011 update affect my ITIL qualifications and will I need to update them?

No, there is absolutely no reaccreditation, so no pain! If you are taking a series of intermediate courses, the exams are exactly the same format and the types of questions have not changed much at all.
ConnectSphere’s new foundation course syllabus has been in use since November 2011
Intermediate courses will be updated with the new syllabus and new exam papers for all courses from January 2012.
Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC ) will change format in May 2012 for go live up to the following September, so courseware will be updated to reflect this in mid 2012.

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