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IT Governance and COBIT

ConnectSphere IT governance consultants uses ISO/IEC 38500, the IT governance standard and the COBIT best practice framework. COBIT is an authoritative, up-to-date international set of generally accepted IT management best practices and resources written for business executives, IT professionals and assurance professionals. The COBIT framework is under continual development as the leading guidance and resource set for helping organisations to improve their IT governance and deliver better value from their IT resources.

COBIT training courses and workshops

ConnectSphere's COBIT Foundation course enables you to understand the benefits of implementing an effective IT governance framework using the COBIT best practice framework.

ConnectSphere's IT Management and Governance Workshop is aimed at IT managers and practitioners. It provides guidance on how to implement COBIT to support governance improvement initiatives and IT management practices.

Assessments and consulting services

ConnectSphere IT governance consultants can help your organization to assess your current practices against the COBIT best practice framework, either through an independent assessment or a facilitated self-assessment. ConnectSphere can also help you to implement and IT governance framework that will enable your organization to establish continual improvement.