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BCS Foundation Course in Agile Practices


This new and interactive two day course, launched by the BCS (British Computer Society) in September 2013, enables you to understand the use of Agile practices in projects, product and software development.  It is designed to give you a breadth of knowledge across Agile methodologies: its practices, values and principles. The foundation course will prepare you for the BCS foundation certificate in Agile practice.

This course is delivered as a public or as an on site course. Our public foundation course dates for 2015 are detailed in the table below. Please scroll down for all 2015 scheduled courses.

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Learning Objectives

  • To understand the origins of the Agile methods, its myths and apply the core values and principles
  • To understand the differences between the defined process and the empirical processes used in Agile, including the approach for improvement and change
  • To be able to explain the issues identified in the traditional/waterfall approach
  • To be able to explain the business culture and the economic case required for Agile
  • To understand the implications of Agile practices on individuals, teams and businesses, including how we engage with customers during an Agile project
  • To understand how we should respond to change in an Agile project
  • To be able to understand the common Agile roles, techniques and practices

Audience and Pre-requisites

This course is aimed at people requiring an understanding of Agile, such as team leaders and managers; or anyone who works in an Agile environment, including software testers, developers, product owners and Scrum masters.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Rationale and benefits of Agile
  • The manifesto for Agile development in practice
  • Methods and approaches for Agile teams
    SCRUM, XP, DSDM Atern, Kanban, Lean, Lean startup
  • Common Agile techniques including user stories, MoSCoW, estimation, assurance and testing
  • Agile practices including documentation, visual boards and continuous improvement
  • Common Agile roles
  • Exercises to consolidate the learning experience
  • The qualification scheme
  • BCS Foundation certificate exam practice and preparation
  • BCS invigilated exam of 40 multiple choice questions of 1 hour (closed book)