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Smart Sourcing and Multi Vendor Management

Smart sourcing and multi vendor management is a strategic focus for most organisations. Making the right sourcing decisions on whether to out-source, co-source or in-source is not easy. With an increase in vendors using service oriented architectures and open standards a multi vendor strategy can be attractive, but there are significant challenges, including: 

  • developing the right sourcing strategy
  • selecting the right mix of suppliers
  • ensuring enterprise governance of IT across multi vendors
  • cultural issues - managing people across different geographies and languages
  • avoiding hidden costs and duplication of activities
  • establishing and sharing knowledge across vendors
  • integrating vendor management solutions with your own services
  • establishing continual improvement across the supply chain

ConnectSphere's Approach to Supply Chain Management Consulting

ConnectSphere’s experienced consultants know the importance of selecting the right strategies and suppliers. We can help you ensure that you know what you are buying, the supplier’s capability, and more importantly, minimise risks for you and your customers. 

ConnectSphere’s IT service and supply chain management experts can help you to: 

  • develop sourcing strategies that consider all of the costs and impacts
  • perform independent supplier assessments to check that they are working to industry best practices such as ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and COBIT
  • perform customer and relationship surveys
  • establish the framework for governance and management of your suppliers to deliver the best value solution
  • implement ITIL processes to support multi supplier management, particularly service transition
  • analyse service contracts, service level agreements to identify gaps and risks
  • design and build your IT service management capability for multi supplier management
  • transfer knowledge across the supply chain
  • select appropriate supply chain consulting and training options

Benefits of Multi Vendor Supply Management

Selecting the right sourcing strategies and models for multi vendor management can deliver significant benefits, including: 

  • confidence that you can deliver quality services and changes successfully
  • staff that are competent and happy in their new roles
  • better decision making as information is collected and reported in real time
  • reduced downtime and risk
  • resolving technical issues quickly
  • improved operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • improved customer satisfaction

We offer a wide range of IT Service Management services, strategies and training. We are experts in our field and known for our training, particularly with regards to the ITIL Foundation Exam and accredited ISO/IEC 20000 certification training.

“ConnectSphere represents that much sought after combination of deep technical knowledge, an ability to communicate and educate with that knowledge, whilst remaining focused on what the client actually needs to deliver results.”
- Director, GlaxoSmithKline