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Transformation programmes

Delivering value to your customers

ConnectSphere's will work with you to examine customer experience and the value that you are delivering to your customers. ConnectSphere consultants will help your organization to identify and plan justifiable improvements based on business outcome, value potential, customer satisfaction, cost and risk. We will then work with you to plan and implement a transformation programme.

Digital transformation

Customer expectations are changing rapidly. ConnectSphere's specialist consultants can guide you to adopt effective ways of working for digital transformation. ConnectSphere’s consultants are highly articulate, with an ability to communicate with technical and non-technical people from all backgrounds. They will engage with people across an organization to continually improve and deliver change across the service and product lifecycle.  The benefits are:

  • drive change with speed and agility
  • deliver an excellent customer experience
  • continually improve product and service quality

Darren Goldsby leads ConnectSphere’s Digital transformation offerings. He has extensive experience of transformation to deliver digital strategies, including mobile and cloud services. He has built strong teams at the hub of digital innovation for several organisations including Hearst, Rightmove, News International and Associated Newspapers.
Our consulting packages, workshops and toolkits are designed to help you to implement join up best practices such as Agile, Devops., ITIL, Continuous integration.See our BCS Accredited Foundation course in Agile practices or contact us about one day onsite Agile awareness sessions.

Service management

ConnectSphere’s consulting packages can deliver a high level strategy and tactical plan to take you on your next stage of your service improvement journey. ConnectSphere’s experienced service management consultants work with your core team using their extensive successful industry experience and methodologies. They specialize in helping clients to develop strategies for service management and service strategies, including:

  • Establish a basic service management capability to support transformation activities
  • Implement service portfolio management for better investment and transformation decisions  
  • Review and update your customer facing service catalogue management

Shirley Lacy leads ConnectSphere’s ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 consulting offerings that have helped transformation in organizations like GlaxoSmithKline, Financial Times, News International, Service Birmingham. She is an ITIL author and was project mentor. She writes toolkits, standards and best practices for ITIL®, ISO/IEC 20000, cloud computing and SFIA.
See our BCS Accredited ITIL courses or contact us about one day onsite ITIL awareness sessions.

Assess where you are today  

ConnectSphere offers strategic assessments for your organisation including an analysis of your performance and potential for serving particular customers or market spaces.
Key aspects for assessment include:

  • Business context and stakeholder view – your governance, compliance and business requirements, current issues, business strategies and plans are mapped to your services and stakeholders.
  • Customer view and user view - value creation begins here with understanding your customer’s existing service portfolio, current value delivered, their desired business outcomes, customer and user needs.
  • Financial view - a service investment analysis is used to derive a value indication and costs for the total lifecycle of a service. Service provisioning models and service provisioning optimization analyse the finances and constraints of an IT Service to decide if alternative approaches might reduce costs or improve quality.
  • Service view – an assessment of the current service catalogue, service models, service service performance, risks, service costs and plans for new and changed services. Service models describe how service assets interact with customer assets and create value for a given portfolio of contracts.
  • Service provider constraints and delivery requirements – an assessment of the constraints, delivery requirements, capabilities and resources required to deliver the services. This includes an assessment of sourcing strategies and external services.
  • Service lifecycle – an assessment of your ability to create and maintain value for customers through better strategy, design, transition, operation of services and continual service improvement.


Browse the rest of our site for more information on our IT Service Management consultancy. We specialise in strategies for services and IT service management including smart sourcing. If you are new to ITIL look at our ITIL Foundation training.

“ConnectSphere represents that much sought after combination of deep technical knowledge, an ability to communicate and educate with that knowledge, whilst remaining focused on what the client actually needs to deliver results.”
- Director, GlaxoSmithKline