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Interactive Workshops

Benefits of ConnectSphere's workshops

ConnectSphere's strategy and improvement workshops allow participants to exchange views and reach decisions quickly and effectively. People are motivated by interactive workshops because they feel engaged with the process. ConnectSphere's consultants encourage a collaborative, open and productive working environment. The workshops enable participants to define a credible and trusted initial plan for improvement (short, medum and longer term).

Sponsors get the results that they are looking for and much more. ConnectSphere's methodology yields much greater levels of buy-in and commitment to the outcomes which can then be sustained after the event to power the implementation or improvement project.

Typical workshop topics

The workshops are designed to develop a shared understanding of the current situation and the impact that the proposed change or transformation encompasses. They can be designed to cover relevant best practices and the benefits that can be realised from adoption. Workshops can be one or two sessions or part of an ongoing project.

Typical examples of our workshops are:

  • Strategy for service management
  • Strategy for cloud service management
  • Strategy for digital trransformation
  • Adopting Agile practices
  • Planning and achieving ISO/IEC 20000
  • Strategy for services
  • Service design
  • Service improvement
  • Process improvement 
  • Building a service catalogue
  • Building a capability e.g. cloud service management, service transition

Workshop content

The workshop content is designed to help participants to develop a shared understanding of the impact that the proposed best practice, change or transformation encompasses. The workshops will be customised to meet your orgnization's specific needs during the planning and preparation activities.

A typical workshop agenda includes:

  • Introduction and benefits
  • Where do we want to be
  • What we do now
  • Best practices
  • Opportunities for improvement  
  • Approaches for implementation/improvement
  • Next steps

ConnectSphere's activities

ConnectSphere's activitities typically include:

  • Session content planning and formatting
  • Professional facilitation
  • Provision of best practice material
  • Workshop report

To book a workshop or find out about ISO 20000 certification training, guidance on your IT Governance Framework  or ITSM in general, contact us via email or call +44 (0) 845 838 2345.

“ConnectSphere represents that much sought after combination of deep technical knowledge, an ability to communicate and educate with that knowledge, whilst remaining focused on what the client actually needs to deliver results.”
- Director, GlaxoSmithKline