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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Web Service Management

Many organisations are adopting the ITIL service lifecycle practices to help manage business and technology change for cloud services and web services management. The service lifecycle contains five stages: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

Web service management

ITIL provides best practices and models for designing, building and operating web services that are so often business critical services. ConnectSphere’s expert consultants can help your organisation to adopt and adapt the right ITIL practices for web service management that will enable you to change the organization’s behaviours to improve web service delivery with the following benefits:

  • Improve the interaction and relationship with customers
  • Improve customer and user satisfaction with your web services
  • Integrate your web services strategy with the business strategy
  • Measure, monitor and optimise web service performance
  • Reduce downtime and risks
  • Optimize and reduce cost

Cloud computing service management

As organizations change their business models and ways of working, cloud computing services can seem attractive. As with all fundamental changes in approach, the move to the cloud will depend on how individuals and organizations adapt their thinking to the new opportunities and ways of working. 

Selecting a cloud service solution and service provider

Deciding whether to implement a business application in-house, out-source or use a cloud service provider depends on many factors. ConnectSphere experts can help you to develop a strategy that will influence your decision on whether to outsource, retain an in-house service or bring services back in-house. Our best practice leaders will ensure that you consider all relevant factors in your selection and business case.

Solutions for Cloud Services

Organizations need to take action to make sure that cloud computing services and suppliers will deliver value at the right cost and risk. ITIL provides the foundation and building blocks to establish a service management capability that will enables your organization to plan, design, deploy and operate cloud services. 

ConnectSphere can help you to: 

  • define value chains and value networks
  • define and manage service portfolios for cloud computing: balancing value, cost and risk
  • select the right sourcing strategy and suppliers for cloud computing services
  • develop and maintain a service management system and service models
  • design, build, test, release and deploy cloud computing services
  • establish the right agreements, contracts and service level agreement
  • manage service performance and service levels
  • manage changes
  • manage incidents

Web service management strategies are essential to governing and running your business. Find out more about managing Cloud Computing services using COBIT and ITIL change management practices. 

“ConnectSphere represents that much sought after combination of deep technical knowledge, an ability to communicate and educate with that knowledge, whilst remaining focused on what the client actually needs to deliver results.”
- Director, GlaxoSmithKline